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Friday, November 14, 2014

Glossary of Shipbuilding Terms Explains the Jargon

It's Important for Model Shipbuilders to Understand

The Language of Shipbuilding

Glossary of Shipbuilding Terms Explains the Arcane

 Glossary of Shipbuilding Terms
Whether you are just starting in the hobby of model shipbuilding or are an old pro, there are times when you will find mysteriously arcane terminology that traditional dictionaries don't define.
Our Glossary of Shipbuilding Terms comes from Charles G. Davis's The Building of a Wooden Ship (1917) which was written to familiarize carpenters and cabinetmakers with the art of shipbuilding.

We've added illustrations from a number of period sources and comments to help with comprehension of these terms, many of which have few, if any, modern equivalents.


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