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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Free Ship Plans of US Navy Cargo Vessel USNS Comet

U.S.N.S. Comet First Roll-on/Roll-off Cargo Vessel of Her Kind

C-3 Cargo Ship Had Stern Loading Ramp Allowing Vehicles to Load Under Their Own Power


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C-3 Cargo Ship U.S.N.S. Comet
The first of her kind, U.S.N.S. Comet was designed for roll-on/-off loading of wheeled cargo such as military vehicles. Her keel was laid May 15, 1956. The ship was launched July 31, 1957, and delivered January 24, 1958.
U.S.N.S Comet was designed by the U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships and the Maritime Administration to carry fully-loaded self-propelled wheeled or tracked vehicles, and able to load and unload them through a ramp in her stern and four side loading ports. A series of internal ramps allowed the vehicles to be moved under their own power or towed into the holds.
Our U.S.N.S. Comet free ship plans page offers seven sheets of high-resolution downloadable plans perfect for the ship model builder looking for a challenging scratch-building project.

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