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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Free Ship Plan: Schooner Musquidobit (Lynx?)

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American Schooner Plans from a French Military Archive

While searching for Medieval boats in the archives of a French library, I came across these plans for "American Schooner Musquidobit" and "Other American Schooner." 
By its lines, "Musquidobit" appears to be the Baltimore-built schooner Lynx, captured by the British and renamed when brought into the British navy. The French Ministry of Defense has a number of foreign craft documented in its archives - basically the work of spies keeping track of advances in naval architecture among France's colonial competitors.
The lower ship, just titled “Other American Schooner,” is very similar in lines, however it seems her lines are not as fine, the fullest point of beam carried further aft before she narrows to the transom. This should increase her displacement, and therefore, her cargo capacity.
I don't have time to research this further right now, so if anyone has info on these ships, feel free to contact us.

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