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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What Are You Looking For?

Model ship building is more than a hobby, it's a quest for knowledge.

Model ship builders are always researching; a current project or a future project, there is always research to be done.

And, there are innumerable websites with information for model ship builders.  But "Search Engine Optimization," the skill of making a website rank high on internet search results, often leads to search results where sites that have the least amount of USEABLE ship modeling information (but whose creators know what Google is looking for) show up with the highest rank.

The converse is also, unfortunately, true: many of the best ship model building resources are obscure sites created for academics that already know of them, that are not optimized for internet, and are hard to find.

Search Engine Optimization has created a situation where the greatest trove of information in the known universe is like a superhighway so littered by billboards a user can't see the sign to the exit they need.

That's why we started The Model Shipwright. We are ship modelers who have already spent countless hours and hours pouring through low-ranking web pages looking for high-quality sources of ship plans, maritime history and other info for our shipbuilding projects. Now we want to bring those public-domain resources together in a place that's easy for model ship builders to find.

But, the public domain sources are so vast we can't post them all. We need to know what you want most. Use our Contact Page to give us your "wish list" of ship modeling information. 

Keep in mind we don't want to break copyright law, so we can't post plans from kits by existing manufacturers, or from recently-published books. It's also hard to find ship plans for a specific vessel. It's often much easier to find data on a ship type, along with information on how a specific ship differed from its sister ships.

Our own Search Engine Optimization skills can make this site easy to find, but only our members can make it useful. Let us help you find what you're looking for!

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